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About Us

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Our Vision

To be the premium producer in finished and unfinished wood products from Guyana to the global regional and national market.

Our Mission

To provide premium wood products at competitive prices to the local and global market through partnerships, innovative technology and environmentally responsible methods.

Our History

Our group is a joint venture between Upturn Funds Caribbean, a venture capital advisory consulting company with the mission that builds the economy of nations in a way that adds social value to people and the leading logging and wood-processing corporative societies of Guyana.

The group has accumulative experience of over 60 years in logging, woodcutting, processing and exporting.

Our Assets

Pleion Wood assets include over 600,000 acres worth of concessions which enables us to fulfill any order globally.

Our Structure

  • Upturn Funds Caribbean

  • Guyana National Co-operative Union Limited

  • Aroaima Forest & Agriculture Producers Association

  • Aroaima Natural Resources Organization 

  • Coomacka Forest Producers Association 

  • Ituni Small Loggers Association

  • Kwakwani Natural Resources Organization 

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